My Priorities

In the Classroom

  • Standing up for Public Education  – Continue to advocate against further Provincial cuts and chronic underfunding of the education system.
  • Expand Early Childhood Education  Continue to expand our full day kindergarten/nursery program by adding more schools. 
  • Address Barriers to Learning – Tackle the hunger problem at the Division with an expansion of the nutrition/breakfast program.
  • Expand Enrichment Programs – Continue to prioritize funding for math, science and arts education.   Expand after school arts enrichment programs and create summer art camps.
  • 21st Century Learning – Bring back Teacher-Librarians and expand the WSD digital virtual library.  Create after school homework clubs and extended library hours in at-risk communities.
  • Modernize Special Needs Education  – Create an Advocate Office for Parents of Students with Special Needs to help navigate the WSD and make sure your child gets the supports they need.  Create a public Task Force to review the current programming needs for Special Education in the Division.

For the Neighborhood

  • Support Working Families  Create a Before and After School Program to support families and enrich our students.
  • Sustainable School Division  Create an environmental sustainability plan for the Division.  Make the WSD the first “Net Zero” school division in Canada.
  • Invest in Active Transportation – Expand the “Walking School Bus” program – get students out of cars, reduce congestion/safety issues around schools. 
  • Schools as Community Hub – Expand Life Long Learning/Adult Education programs to make WSD the “Learning Annex” of Winnipeg.  Create a “Seniors in the Classroom” Volunteer program.  Partner with the community to transform our school gardens into community gardens.
  • Reconciliation – Bring our diverse student population and distinct neighbourhoods together by expanding division wide sports and arts enrichment program.  Creating Division wide art exhibitions, theatre festivals, dance and music troupes.

For the Ratepayer

  • Change the Tax System – Continue to lobby the Provincial government for a change in how the Public School system is funded with less reliance on property taxation
  • Invest in Green Infrastructure – Continue to invest in green capital infrastructure by renovating our aging schools and making them more energy efficient thereby lowering our Provincial Carbon Tax.
  • New Ways to Pay for Education – Continue to find new sources of revenue for the Division like our International Student Program.

My Record


  • Started a Full Day Kindergarten/Nursery Pilot Project in four Winnipeg School Division (WSD) schools.
  • Increased resources for math education.
  • Increased resources for science education including hiring of lab technicians for WSD high schools.
  • Advocated to maintain funding for special needs education including the retention of Special Needs Educational Assistants.
  • Expanded full day kindergarten to 11 schools including Earl Grey School
  • Established Spanish bilingual program at Earl Grey School
  • Established Cree bilingual program
  • Established Ojibway bilingual program
  • Opened a new French milieu school – Ecole Sir William Osler to ameliorate the overcrowding in French language schools in the south end of the WSD.
  • Added a new French immersion school At  Ecole Luxton  to keep up with growing demand for French language education in the WSD.
  • Supported the establishment of  an Indigenous Advisory Group 
  • Funded and supported the International Baccalaureate Program at Ecole River Heights School – The first middle school program of its kind in Manitoba.
  • Created an International Education Program  – to encourage foreign students to study at WSD and to encourage Students & Staff to expand their international learning opportunities.  A growing and new source of non-taxpayer supported revenue for the WSD.
  • Created a Swim to Survive Program which teaches water safety to every grade 4 student in the WSD.  A partnership with the City of Winnipeg and the first of its kind in Manitoba.
  • Brought  Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Program to Manitoba and to Ecole Robert H. Smith school.  We have expanded the program to 5 WSD Schools.  This is a student led environmental and community development program that teaches students to become leaders in their community.
  • Established a Food Council for the WSD.  Another first for Manitoba.  Community led committee that reviews all aspects of nutrition programming and food policy at the WSD.

Teacher Support

  • Initiated an audit of the Comprehensive Assessment Program to ensure maximum use of teacher time in the classroom.
  • Advocated for teachers with specialist math skills for Grade 5 & 6 students.
  • Initiated a review of how WSD was teaching math in its schools and made quality math instruction a priority at the WSD.
  • Increased school based funding for the arts
  • Established a Math Task Force reforming professional education of math instruction at the WSD
  • Assisted in bringing in the first Transgender Policy of any school division in Manitoba and one of the first in Canada.
  • Initiated a review of Student Attendance Policy and initiatives including requiring administration to submit monthly tracking reports to the Board of Trustees.
  • New on-line internet based correspondence courses for WSD students including Ecole Kelvin High School students.
  • Created and implemented a Right to Participate Policy that ensures all students the ability to participate in after-school clubs and enrichment programs regardless of their financial ability to pay.  One of the first such policies in Canada.
  • Supported the Indigenous Land and Treaty Acknowledgment at school and school events.  Again, the first school divisions in Manitoba to do so.

School Facilities/ Environmental Sustainability

  • Invested in green capital infrastructure including energy retrofits that has resulted in significant tax savings for ratepayers.
  • Invested in our 21st Century classrooms by funding Wi-Fi for all WSD high schools.
  • Ensured all high schools provided healthier food options for students.
  • Supported going green in our school by installing water bottle refilling stations.
  • Initiated an audit of traffic congestion/safety issues at pick up and drop off times at WSD schools.
  • Opposed the sale of the Sir John Franklin School Property to private developers. Advocated that property remain as green space for the community.
  • Upgraded the security systems in our schools.
  • Wi-Fi has been installed in all Winnipeg Schools
  • Added an adult crossing guard – Ecole Robert H. Smith School
  • Created a Universal Access Construction Playground Fund to make sure that our new playgrounds are wheelchair accessible – another first for Manitoba.
  • Created an annual division wide Student-led Environmental Sustainability Conference – another first for Manitoba.
  • Advocated and received approval from the Province for the construction of Waterford Green School to reduce over-crowding in the Division’s Northwest.
  • Increased funding for capital repairs and maintenance at the WSD.
  • Established a CCTV camera privacy policy for the WSD
  • Supported the building of the Ecole Kelvin High School Wellness Centre.


  • Publically advocated for a change in how public schools are financed and a move away from taxes based on property.
  • Modernized the WSD electoral boundaries to ensure citizens greater access to their local representative.
  • Secured changes to WSD meetings to ensure that they were more transparent and open to the public.
  • Advocated for more public meetings and consultations to enhance the public’s accessibility and input into the budge discussion and decision making of the WSD.
  • Initiated the live streaming and video taping of all regular Board meetings
  • Improved Transparency – opened up committee meetings – put more information on internet
  • Restructured our bureaucracy – eliminated a superintendent position and reduced the bureaucratic costs at WSD. We are now tied as the lowest Division in Manitoba for administration costs.
  • Initiated the creation of a division wide Strategic Plan – the first such plan in  a generation at the WSD
  • Advocated for School Finance Reform – Vocal advocate for the increase in Provincial funding of education and less reliance on property taxes to pay for schools.

Policies currently in Progress

  • WSD is currently engaged in an equity survey in order to determine the extent of how much private money goes to each school in relation to parent fees
  • WSD is currently engaging in a survey of our arts programming.
  • Currently reviewing the feasibility of an  electric bus pilot project
  • Currently studying the implementation of an Urban Forrest – Tree Planting Program for school properties
  • Currently studying the implementation of a Composting/Organic Waste Pilot Project
  • Currently studying the feasibility of establishing a ride share program for the WSD
  • Currently studying the feasibility of a solar panel pilot program for schools
  • Currently in the process of developing a division wide arts strategy
  • Currently studying the feasibility of implementing an extended day program
  • Initiated the drafting of a green procurement policy
  • Initiated a study of expanding our capital endowment fund
  • Initiated a study of Epi-pen cabinets in the WSD
  • Initiated an update of search/seizure policies including student cellphones and lockers
  • Started the process to bring  Equity Based Budgeting to WSD